FRM Ingenierie

For the past 30 years, FRMi has developed and enriched a unique experience in the management and sustainable management of tropical humid forests.

A multidisciplinary team of experts, an internationally recognized know-how, the high technicality of ever-evolving methods, enable FRMi to intervene on many projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Natural forest
Agriculture and rural development
Wood industry
Expert Foresters of France
Environmental and Social Impact Study (EIES)

Natural forest

  • Formulation and feasibility of sustainable forest management projects
  • Conducting forest management projects and drafting management plans and management documents
  • Assistance in the implementation of management plans, the optimization of crops
  • Technical assistance to projects supporting public forest management policies
  • Formulating sustainable forest management standards
  • Training the various players in sustainable forest management
  • Reduced Impact Logging
  • Technical support for certification (diagnosis, internal audit, action plan, working procedures, specifications for upgrading work, training

Agriculture and rural development

  • Awareness meetings with village communities
  • Establishing local village committees for decision-making and monitoring
  • Capacity building for state’s technical services agents
  • Planning for the management of natural resources at different administrative levels
  • Supporting farmers in the implementation of their Natural Resources Management Plans
  • Technical assistance for the development of agricultural and agroforestry activities (food- or perennial crops)
  • Technical assistance for the development of agricultural value chains

Wood industry

  • Industrial development (business strategy, wood drying and conservation, first or second processing industrial processes, traditional, small-scale processing, improved use of wood waste, etc.)
  • Development of the sector
  • Securing and strategies for wood supply
  • Economic study of support and development projects
  • Market research
  • Support for the certification of productions or the implementation of a system to guarantee the legality of productions under the FLEGT
  • Training, Audit and Corporate Consulting

Expert Foresters of France

  • Ensuring independent management of privately owned forest territories
  • Conducting expertise missions, audits and evaluations
  • Conducting studies on the forestry sector and policies
  • Mandated in France and abroad
  • Guaranteed independence for perfect consumer protection


  • Editing and monitoring of studies and projects
  • Quality management (data, technical processes or project monitoring)
  • Structuring and implementing Geographic Information Systems in private companies as well as public institutions (central administrations or decentralized services)
  • Training and transfer of skills
  • Advanced spatial analyses (GIS and remote sensing)
  • Field missions for data collection or ground truthing


  • Tracking logging operations through radar satellite
  • Secure archiving of data
  • Simplified web access with changes visualization
  • Forest cover change detection from very-high-resolution radar satellite imagery (3m)
  • Analysis and mapping for logging authorization documents

Environmental and Social Impact Study (EIES)

  • Environmental and social management plan
  • Impact study on the physical, biological, human environment
  • Presentation of the legislative, regulatory, institutional and physical framework of the study area
  • Writing the environmental and social audit report, and subject to the validation of the environmental authority.
  • Research and document analysis


  • Training of administration officers
  • Production of maps under Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Sustainable management of natural resources following management documents (Long term Management plan, 5-year management Plan, and Annual Operational Plan);
  • Forest carbon through CDM projects and REDD+ mechanisms;
  • Reduced Impact logging techniques, including controlled felling